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FRITHIOFF JOHANSEN born 1939 in Copenhagen, Denmark


Studied literature at The University of Copenhagen 1959-63.
Studied etching at Hayter's 'Atelier 17' in Paris 1964-65.
Courses at Richmond Holographic Studios in England 1985.
Grant at The Media Academy Cologne, Germany 2004

Selected exhibitions and events

1962 Debut as artist at 'The Summer Exhibition', Den Frie, Copenhagen.
1964 One-person exhibition at Galerie Passepartout, Copenhagen.
1965 Charlottenborg's Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen. Artists' Autumn Exhibition, Den Frie, Copenhagen. Artists' Easter Exhibition, Aarhus.
1966 One-person exhibition at Galerie Passepartout, Copenhagen. Co-founder of Artists' cooperative 'Passepartout'.
1967 First Nordic Youth Biennale, Copenhagen.
1968 Lund's Konsthall, Sweden. Gothenburgs Konsthall, Sweden.
1969 One-person exhibition at Galerie Passepartout, Copenhagen.
1970 2. Biennale Internationale de l'Estampe (Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris, France).
1971 'Landscapes etc.' a one-person exhibition at Galerie Passepartout, Copenhagen.
1972 Becomes a member of artists' cooperative 'Grønningen'.
1973 'The Minimal Landscape' a one-person exhibition at Galerie Arnesen, Copenhagen. 'The Minimal Landscape, 2' - a one-person exhibition at Randers Art Museum, Denmark.
1974 'Prints 1964-74' - a retrospective exhibition at The Kastrupgaard Collection, Copenhagen.
1976 One-person exhibition at Galleri Karin Houmann, Langaa, Denmark.
1977 'Artists 77', New York.
1978 'Arte Fiera', Bologna, Italy. 'Danish Landscape', Hässelby Castle, Stockholm, Sweden.
1979 One-person exhibition at Galerie '22', Aarhus, Denmark. Sculpture Biennale, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
1980 One-person Exhibition at Galerie Asbæk, Copenhagen.
1984 Contemporary Danish Painting, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Begins working with holography using facilities of the Physics Laboratory of The Technical University of Denmark. Awarded traveling grant from 'The Danish National Bank' and 'The Augustinus Foundation' to study holography.
1985 Awarded the three year grant from the Danish Arts Council. Attends two courses at The Richmond Holographic Studios, England. With 'Leuchtspuren', a travelling exhibition arranged by 'Museum of Holography and New Visual Media', Germany: several exhibitions in Sweden and Denmark
1986 One-person exhibition with holographic objects at Galerie Asbæk, Copenhagen. 'Aux Frontières du Réel' Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mulhouse, France. With Museum of Holography and New Visual Media, Germany: 'Holomedia 86' (Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlsruhe, Germany) 'Faszination und Zukunft eines neues Mediums' (Vienna, Austria.
1987 Received 'Artist in Residence' grant from Museum of Holography, New York. Images in Space and Time', Montreal, Canada.
1988 One-person exhibition at the 'Museum of Holography and New Visual Media', Germany.
1989 'Visiona' Zurich, Schwitzerland. 'From Painting to Laser-Sculpture' - a one-person exhibition at 'The Jens Nielsen and Olivia Holm-Møller Museum', Holstebro, Denmark. Inauguration of 'Chaos Temple' at the TV Midt Vest, Holstebro, Denmark. A 50 m. high sculpture in steel and concrete, illuminated with scanned laser light and projection of white light through holographic gratings.
1990 International Congress on Art in Holography, Indiana, USA. Inauguration of hologram sculpture in Radio House, Copenhagen. Cooperation with Danish artist Henrik Boëtius on computer-steered colour projection on buildings.
1991 Commission from the Danish Arts Council at the TEKO-Center, Herning, Denmark)
1992 Receives 'Holography Award for 1992 from the Shearwater Foundation.
1993 Shows model of interactive light sculpture 'Virtual Cross' (with Danish artist Henrik Boëtius) in the showroom of the Louis Poulsen Company, Copenhagen. Holds a patent with artist Henrik Boëtius for the priciple behind the light sculpture. 1993-99 elected to the Jury of Royal Academy Council and Artists' Society.
1995 Nordenfjords AV 95. En group exhibition of audiovisuel installations at Hjorring Art Museum.
1996 Inauguration of tower sculpture 'Sfirot' in Billund. A construction in granite, steel, water and underwater holograms.
1997 Sculpture group 'Kind of Entropy' for Researchcenter Flakkebjerg (winner in competition). Receives grant of honour from The Aage og Yelva Nimb Foundation.
1998 Receives The Eckersberg Medal from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts
1999-2001 Member of the Danish Arts Foundation
2004 Awarded The lifelong artists’ grant from The Danish Arts Foundation

Public collections, commissions

Danish Arts Council
New Carlsberg Foundation
Kobberstiksamlingen (Print Collection) Statens Museum for Kunst
Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
Randers Art Museum, Denmark
Nordjylland's Art Museum, Denmark
The Art Museum 'Trapholt', Kolding , Denmark
The Kastrupgaard Collection, Copenhagen
Hobro Municipal Art Collection, Denmark
Hobrohallen, Hobro Denmark
Museum of Holography and New Visual Media, Cologne, Germany
The Fielmann Collection, Hamburg, Germany
Interferens Holografi Museum, Hamar, Norway
The National Museum of Science and Technology, Canada
Museum of Holography, New York, USA
City of Holstebro , Denmark (laser sculpture 'Chaos Temple')
City of Billund, Denmark (Light sculpture Sfirot)
Holstebro Handelsskole, Holstebro Denmark
Radio House, Copenhagen, Denmark
Domus Medica, Copenhagen, Denmark
TEKO-Center Denmark, Herning
Research Centre Flakkebjerg, Denmark (Sculpture group 'Kind of Entropy')