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Virtual Cross
A light sculpture applying a new patent.

a sculpture and a new way of imaging

Without its own light activated, 'Virtual Cross' appears as a large, heavy, silent and waiting monolith.

With its own light, it becomes a large, active, transparent space which reaches beyond the sculpture's own physical limits.

This space, paradoxically, seems to be both limited and unlimited.

The sculpture is interactive with the spectator, upsetting well-known laws and depth cues around the linear perspective.

Even at a long distance, not much change of viewing angle is needed to get a dramatic transformation of image. At the same time, the greater the distance, the more the image grows in size.

We have chosen the puritan sign of a cross (however ambiguous) as a basic form.

It is both a powerful symbol, and, as a regular pattern of many crosses, very suitable to illustrate (like a coordinate grid) the three-dimensional space.

Positioning the sculpture within a large space does it the most justice, as the spectator is thereby given the opportunity to meet an interaction, both at a great distance, and at close hand.

'Virtual Cross' can be experienced both by night and during the day. Presumably the method will be of most use in large scale displays.

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