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Kind of Entropy

is a group of 5 black granite sculptures representing a course of events, beginning in front of the main entrance continuing in 2 big plant beds in the reception hall. The course is a progress which on the outside - like entropy - shows a decay: The first sculpture is a polished monolith cube, the last one a raw piece of rock with a cavity. Inside, I "postulate", is a reversed entropy going on. Like the life in the plant beds it has the power of resisting the decay. The proof is shown in the fifth and last sculpture, the raw piece of rock: By means of a hidden installation of optics, watertechnique, fiberoptics and holography it paradoxally enfolds everything but decay: A glowing sphere in rainbow colours seems to be floating in a cave.

Animated detail
The movement in the water under the mirror is transformed to the sphere-like image

After # 1 - the polished cube - sculptures # 2 and # 3 are gradually decaying.